Effluent Irrigators for NZ Dairy Farmers

Implementing an effluent irrigator system saves both time and money. By automatically moving effluent across pasture, irrigators help ensure a bountiful harvest and efficient discharge of wastewater. Southern Dairy Solutions supply the latest effluent irrigators for use by NZ dairy farmers.

No two plots of land are the same; one may be flat while the other is hilly. Designing a specialised system to provide effluent irrigation and effectively remove wastewater is a difficult task to undertake. Having an effluent irrigation system designed by professionals is the best way to ensure your pasture receives the water necessary to thrive and grow. Removal of wastewater is another concern of NZ farmers that is solved easily with effluent irrigators.

The team at Southern Dairy Solutions provides NZ dairy farmers with the latest equipment to address their wastewater needs. With over 30 years’ experience, we can design an effective effluent irrigator system for NZ dairy farmers that will provide effluent irrigation to their pasture while efficiently removing wastewater reducing contamination. Our design team works closely with our installation team to ensure proper installation for a functioning watering and wastewater removal system.

Our extensive experience can tailor a system specifically for your needs and terrain. Our attention to detail guarantees you will receive quality workmanship on your effluent irrigator system. Contact our friendly staff to learn more about our effluent irrigator systems designed for NZ dairy farmers. Visit our fully stocked retail shop to peruse the options available for your dairy farm.